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101 Law Forms for Personal Use

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

by Ralph Warner & Robin Leonard

Call Number: KF170 .L46 2007

In this plain-language guide for general readers, Warner, a pioneer of the self-help law movement, takes readers step by step through the creation of everyday legal forms for situations such as estate planning, buying and selling property, handling personal finances, and living together. All of the forms are included in a section of tear- out sheets, and the forms are also provided on an accompanying CD-ROM. (Description by

Making Sense of Criminal Justice: Policies and Practices

Monday, July 21, 2008

By G. Larry Mays and Rick Ruddell

Call Number: HV9950 .M323 2008

As they learn about the criminal justice system, students often hear that “nothing works.” Enter Making Sense of Criminal Justice–an innovative and insightful textbook that meets the needs of both criminal justice policy courses and undergraduate capstone courses (sometimes called “senior
seminars”). Beginning with an outline of the crime control and due process models, G. Larry Mays and Rick Ruddell have organized the book around the three major components of the criminal justice system (police, courts, and corrections). This topical, issues-oriented approach encourages students to
think critically about major dilemmas faced by participants in the system, from issues of race and gender to the use of the death penalty.

Working from a balanced viewpoint, the authors argue that criminal justice is inherently a political process; they examine strategies that work, those that do not work, and those that represent a gray area between the two extremes. Rather than providing students with “the answers,” Mays and Ruddell
challenge them to think critically about how we deal with situations–such as the use of force by the police–and offer a framework for lively classroom discussions and debates.

End-of-chapter key terms, critical-thinking review questions, and recommended readings enhance students’ understanding of the material and aid in test preparation.

The Everything Guide to Being a Paralegal: Winning Secrets to a Successful Career!

Friday, July 18, 2008

By Steven W. Schneider

Call Number: KF320 .L4 S365 2006

The Everything Guide to Being a Paralegal is the ideal handbook for new paralegals, professionals looking to further or reevaluate their careers, or those considering the profession.Tackling the concerns of real law professionals, chapters include:

  • Paralegal Career Options
  • Paralegal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Pre-Trial Preparation
  • Individual chapter attention to the top types of law practiceMore and more people are opting for a career as a paralegal-and this book is their pathway to success in this growing field!