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The Materials Handbook 15th ed.

Monday, September 22, 2008

By John A. Vaccari

Offering comprehensive information on virtually every material and substance used in industry and engineering, Materials Handbook is unquestionably the world’s favorite one-volume encyclopedia on the subject. For over six decades, there has been no better or more reliable way to get essential data on generic, patented, and trade name materials.

* A-Z organization for easy access
* Coverage of more than 15,000 materials
* Details on chemicals, minerals, fuels, textiles, synthetics, pharmaceuticals, elastomers, ceramic coatings, industrial substances, food-stuffs, natural plant and animal substances, and—chewing gum
* Thousands of new technologies and products
* Properties and characteristics of materials, including composition, production methods, uses, and commercial designations or trade names
* A thorough index for finding the material you want—quickly and easily(Description from Call number: Ref. TA403 .B73 2002

Cabling: the complete guide to network wiring

Friday, September 19, 2008

By David Groth

The physical linkages responsible for carrying a company’s data continue to be the most neglected components of the typical network—to the extent that nearly 700f all network-related problems result from poor cabling.

In this third edition of a widely acclaimed resource, three networking experts share their extensive experience, teaching you the cabling skills you need to build a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective network cabling infrastructure. As you master these techniques, you’ll learn to avoid common pitfalls and troubleshoot problems as quickly as they arise. (Description from Call number: TK5103.12 .B37 2004

MacBoock for Dummies

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

By Mark L. Chambers

Call Number: QA76.8 .M3 C469 2006

Tired of being tethered to your desktop computer? If you’re ready to break free with a laptop,  the new MacBook could be just what you’re looking for. In addition to the freedom to work wherever you happen to be, a MacBook offers you:

• A portable darkroom with iPhoto

• Mobile music, podcasts, and Internet radio

• GarageBand software that lets you make your own music

• The ability to create and share original movies and DVDs

• Safari, a safer and ultra-cool Web browser, and all the other OS X advantages

Whether you already have your new MacBook or are still weighing the pros and cons of various models,  MacBook For Dummies is a valuable resource.  For newcomers to laptop land, it’s packed with basic information about using and caring for Mac laptops. It also walks you through Mac OS X, the revolutionary Macintosh operating system that makes your laptop tick. Then it’s on to all the fun stuff you can do with your MacBook, like making music, editing photos and turning them into a book, creating DVDs on the road, or adding a wireless keyboard.  MacBook For Dummies will help you:

• Set up your MacBook and get acquainted with all the features of the Mac OS X Tiger operating system

• Use the Safari Web browser and Apple’s .Mac Internet subscriber service, connect your MacBook to a printer, and communicate with your cell phone or PDA

• Connect to a wired or wireless network

• Make the most of the iLife applications that come with your MacBook—iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, and GarageBand

• Keep your MacBook and your data safe, troubleshoot any problems, and maintain your system
Popular For Dummies author Mark Chambers has loaded this fun book with tips, ideas, and his famous “Mark’s Maxims”—power user advice that will guide you around the pitfalls and make you a Macxpert in no time.  From latptop basics all the way to upgrading and adding memory, MacBook For Dummies will be your MacBook’s best friend.

Macs for Dummies

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

By Edward C. Baig

Call Number: QA76.8 .M3 P617 2006

Updated to cover the new Intel–based Macs, Mac OS X Tiger, and the latest Mac tools and trends, this bestseller includes:

          • Mac basics,
          • customizing a workspace,
          • getting acquainted with Mac OS X, going online,
          • working with iLife applications,
          • setting up e–mail,
          • connecting an iPod to a Mac,
          • turning a Mac into a fax machine,
          • troubleshooting,
          • security,
          • and more.

USA Today Personal Technology columnist Edward Baig, a longtime technology writer who appears regularly on TV, radio, and at major industry trade shows, has rewritten this edition from scratch ensuring you get the up–to–date information you need.

Blip, Ping, & Buzz: Making Sense of Radar and Sonar

Monday, July 28, 2008

By Mark Denny

Call Number: TK6576 .D46 2007

With twenty years’ experience explaining technical concepts to non-experts in the radar industry, Mark Denny is the perfect guide to understanding just how remote sensing — radar or sonar — works. Weaving together interesting history and simple science, Denny reveals the world of echolocation to the curious student, technology buff, and expert alike.

Game Design

Friday, July 25, 2008

by Bob Bates

Call Number: QA76.76 .C672 B38 2004

“Game Design, Second Edition” offers a behind-the-scenes look at how a game gets designed and developed?from the day the idea is born to the day the box hits the shelves. This new edition offers information on the latest techniques and development models, interviews with 12 top game designers, document templates that can be used during product development, and numerous industry resources. It is a practical guide that covers everything from the fundamentals of game design, to the trade-offs in the development process, to the deals a publisher makes to get a game on the shelves. No matter what your role in the industry, understanding this entire process will help you do your job better. And if you’re looking to break in, you’ll find knowledge here that is usually only attained after years in the trenches. (Description by

Building Robots with Lego Mindstorms NXT

Friday, July 25, 2008

by Dave Astolfo, Mario Ferrari, and Guilio Ferrari

Call Number: TJ211 .A88 2007

The Ultimate Tool for MINDSTORMS® Maniacs
The new MINDSTORMS kit has been updated to include a programming brick, USB cable, RJ11-like cables, motors, and sensors. This book updates the robotics information to be compatible with the new set and to show how sound, sight, touch, and distance issues are now dealt with.

The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and its predecessor, the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics Invention System (RIS), have been called “the most creative play system ever developed.” This book unleashes the full power and potential of the tools, sensors, and components that make up LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. It also provides a unique insight on newer studless building techniques as well as interfacing with the traditional studded beams. Some of the world’s leading LEGO MINDSTORMS inventors share their knowledge and development secrets. You will discover an incredible range of ideas to inspire your next invention. This is the ultimate insider’s look at LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT system and is the perfect book whether you build world-class competitive robots or just like to mess around for the fun of it.

Featuring an introduction by astronaut Dan Barry and written by Dave Astolfo, Invited Member of the MINDSTORMS Developer Program and MINDSTORMS Community Partners (MCP) groups, and Mario and Guilio Ferrari, authors of the bestselling Building Robots with LEGO Mindstorms, this book covers:

Understanding LEGO Geometry
Playing with Gears
Controlling Motors
Reading Sensors
What’s New with the NXT?
Building Strategies
Programming the NXT
Playing Sounds and Music
Becoming Mobile
Getting Pumped: Pneumatics
Finding and Grabbing Objects
Doingthe Math
Knowing Where You Are
Classic Projects
Building Robots That Walk
Robotic Animals
Solving a Maze
Drawing and Writing
Racing Against Time
Hand-to-Hand Combat
Searching for Precision

• Complete coverage of the new Mindstorms NXT kit
• Brought to you by the DaVinci’s of LEGO
• Updated edition of a bestseller

(Description by

American National Standard for Industrial Robots and Robots Systems: Safety Requirements

Friday, July 25, 2008

By Robotics Industries Association

Call Number: TS191.8 .A43 1999

No Description Available

Excel Formulas and Functions for Dummies

Friday, July 25, 2008

By Ken Bluttman and Peter G. Aitken

Call Number: HF5548.4 .M523 B659 2005

This desktop reference reviews how to use the insert function dialog box and array formulas, then describes 150 built-in functions for evaluating loans and investments and working with numbers and data in Excel spreadsheets. The functions are arranged into categories, such as descriptive statistics and dates, and accompanied by a real example.

The Columbia History of American Television

Thursday, July 24, 2008

by Gary R. Edgerton

Call Number: PN1992.3 .U6 E34 2007

Description not available