Concrete Countertops Made Simple: a step- by- step guide

Monday, December 15, 2008

concreteBy Fu- Tung Cheng

With his first bestselling book, Concrete Countertops, designer Fu-Tung Cheng brought homeowners and contractors an affordable, attractive alternative to expensive granite, marble, and man-made countertops. Now, he takes his concrete revolution one step further with this remarkable DVD/Book set. In seven simple steps, Cheng takes the reader through the process of designing, forming, pouring, finishing, and installing a concrete countertop that will look great and survive the test of time. Explaining the process like a chef guiding you through a recipe, Cheng shows that even an amateur with the simplest tools can produce fantastic results the very first time. (Description from Call number: TT197.5 .C68 C4925 2008

3 Responses to “Concrete Countertops Made Simple: a step- by- step guide”

  1. John B Says:

    His method certainly does work, but if you do not have the time and don’t want to risk making a mistake, check out for a free quote on a countertop!

  2. Raul Garcia Says:

    Fu- Tung Cheng is a master in concrete countertops design, ideas, etc., and his work is inspiring. Take a look at for links to FREE Concrete Countertops Catalogs, How to Books, and DVD’s, asking questions, getting answers, and pictures on countertop projects. There is also all around information on designing, building, and protecting concrete countertops.

  3. He really make high quality countertops.

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