Food Jobs: 150 Great Jobs from the Quirky to the Sublime

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

foodBy Irena Chalmers

Do you want to turn your passion for food into a career? Take a bite out of the food world with help from the experts in this first-of-its-kind What Color Is Your Parachute? for food related careers.

Maybe you’re considering culinary school, maybe you’re about to graduate, or maybe you’re looking for an exciting career change. How can you translate your zest for flavor into a satisfying profession? Should you become a chef or open a specialty foods shop, write cookbooks or try your hand at food styling? Culinary careers are as varied as they are fascinating–the only challenge is deciding which one is right for you. Filled with advice from food-world pros including luminaries such as Alice Waters, Chris Kimball, Betty Fussell and Darra Goldstein, Food Jobs will set you behind the stove of your dream career.

In this tasty, nourishing book, food industry veteran Irena Chalmers offers profiles of food jobs by the dozen–everything from the traditional (maitre d’, caterer, dietician) to the behind-the-scenes (restaurant consultant, kitchen designer, hotel promoter) to the holy-cow-I-can-get-paid-for-that? (yacht chef, tea taster, fortune cookie message writer). Chalmers provides essential information for getting started and succeeding in your chosen culinary role including job descriptions, candid musings on what the job really entails and who it’s really for, and testimonials from the best in the field (Bobby Flay, Todd English, Gordon Hamersly, Francois Payard, Danny Meyer, Anthony Bourdain and more). The book also presents an array of resources on where to find more information to put you ahead of the competition. Bursting with real-life wisdom from those who’ve been there, FoodJobs will expose you to the myriad of different food jobs available and guide you to the one that’s right for you. Call Number TX911.3 .v62 c42 2008

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