A Leader in the Making: Essentials to Being a Leader After God’s Own Heart

Friday, August 1, 2008

By Joyce Meyer

Call Number: BV4597.53 .L43 M49 2001

If God’s hand is on your life, you probably feel like an ordinary person with an extraordinary goal. Your God-given dream is way too big for your abilities. Too big for your budget. Too big for your facilities. Too big to be humanly possible. Joyce Meyer knows from a lifetime of experience that nothing is too big for God. A nationally acclaimed teacher and leader — she’s walked in your shoes. She knows the frustrations and triumphs you’ll experience in your spiritual journey. Practical, honest and thoroughly realistic, Joyce’s teaching cuts straight to the heart of the issues that matter most. She’ll challenge you to trust God and step out in total obedience to His high calling for your life. If you’re ready to make a powerful difference in your world, ready to give God your utmost, then A Leader in the Making has the guidance you need to succeed. It is amazing how many gifted people there are who are just sitting on the sidelines of life doing nothing. You may be one of them. I can tell you that whether God uses you or not is dependent upon much more than just the gift or talent he has given you. It has everything to do with character — with maturity, with the fruit of the Spirit, with how we behave and with our heart attitude.


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