On The Day You Were Born

Thursday, July 31, 2008

By Debra Frasier

Call Number: PZ9 .F74 1991

Inspired by Debra Frasier’s enormously popular On the Day You Were Born, this charming photo journal invites families to celebrate the arrival of their loved one into the natural world. A star-spangled blue sky, crossed by a swath of sunshine yellow with gold birds, introduces the reader to “the very first day you arrived.” Baby’s picture and name go right in the middle of all the cheery yellow. Turn the page: “You were born on the round planet Earth. Was it day, or was it night?” is printed with another space for a picture and a line to write the date and time of birth against the backdrop of more starry sky with that old blue and green globe plopped in the middle and a figure of a child frolicking across the ocean. On another page, the jubilant child dances across a beach: “On the day you were born waves washed the beaches clean for your footprints. How little were your fingers? How tiny were your toes?” By adding eight photographs and filling in a few details, parents can create a very special journal for their child, rejoicing together in all the natural wonders of the universe. Here is an ideal gift for the new parents with a vibrant connection to nature.


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