Thursday, July 24, 2008

by Randi Mehling

Call Number: RC568 .A45 M43 2008

Methamphetamine examines the synthetic chemical compound known on the street as “ice,” “meth,” or “speed.” Methamphetamine is a harmful, highly addictive substance, and its popularity among drug abusers is on the rise. The drug has spread so quickly across the United States that a methamphetamine drug epidemic was declared in 2006. Meth is one of the riskiest illegal drugs in circulation today. The process of producing it involves the use of highly flammable chemicals that often explode in makeshift meth labs, and even short-term regular use of the drug can be devastating to the human body. This book covers the history, physical properties, and addictive nature of methamphetamine and provides readers with powerful information about the health effects of the drug, trends and attitudes, legal ramifications associated with meth use, and treatments available for meth addiction. (Description by

One Response to “Methamphetamine”

  1. kayakotto Says:

    There more information and data available on this killer drug epidemic the better!

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