Still Going Wrong! Case histories of process plant disasters and how thay could have been avoided

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

still.jpgBy Trevor Kletz

Trevor Kletz’s classic book, “What Went Wrong?”, revolutionized the way industry views safety. This completely new volume, “Still Going Wrong!” continues and extends the practices and wisdom of the original while focusing on innovations and strategies that Kletz and others have pioneered over the last decade.

Kletz reinforces the messages in his now-classic book of famous case histories, but Still Going Wrong! hits on many new points, such as how many accidents occur through simple miscommunications within the organization and how simple changes in design can often remove or reduce opportunities for human errors.

Like What Went Wrong?, this new volume discusses the technical causes of accidents, but Still Going Wrong! pays closer attention to the underlying weaknesses in the management and design systems that made it possible for the technical errors to occur in the first place. All new material treating the hazards of corrosion, and numerous new topics, including: maintenance, entry into confined spaces, materials of construction (including insulation), explosions, leaks, reactions-planned and unplanned, accident investigation, and missed opportunities. These are only some of the highlights of this new classic. (Description from Call number: TP155.5 .K539 2003

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