Village Voice Film Guide

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

11892653.gifedited by Dennis Lim

General Collection PN1998 .V47 2007

From America’s original alternative newspaper, a guide to nearly 200 of the best and most important movies of all time.

For more than 50 years, New York City’s Village Voice has offered passionate, well-written, high-spirited film coverage, often celebrating offbeat movies that were ignored or dismissed in the mainstream media. Now the Voice has selected the greatest films that its influential critics have championed over the years and collected these landmark reviews in a book that stands as a singular history of film culture and film criticism. Ranging from silent-era standouts like Pandora’s Box, Hollywood favorites like The Searchers, and international masterworks like Weekend to cult movies like Pink Flamingos, modern classics like Taxi Driver, and contemporary indie cinema like Donnie Darko, this guide will be an indispensable reference for dedicated film lovers everywhere.

The Village Voice was founded in 1955. Most reviews in this guide are by noted critics J. Hoberman, Andrew Sarris, and Jonas Mekas, with additional reviews by other Voice critics. (, from the publisher)

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