Ajax: Your Visual Blueprint for Creating Rich Internet Applications

Monday, December 11, 2006

ajax.jpgby Stephen Holzner and John Wiley and Sons

Ajax: Your visual blueprint for creating rich internet applications shows readers how to create Web applications with the hot, new technology used by Google, Flickr and Amazon. With this book, readers will soon create Web applications as rich and responsive as their desktop software. There’s no better way to learn Ajax than by visual examples, so this book is a great alternative to wading through boring text-based instruction. It is packed with ideas readily adaptable for readers’ own use. For example, they’ll learn to create applications that can download data from behind the scenes, modify Web pages on the fly, search in real time with live searches, get answers with autocomplete, chat with friends, play games, update shopping carts, and much more. A companion Web site will provide all the code used throughout the book. Because it is a Visual Blueprint, tasks are explained using succinct step-by-step instructions on two-page modules–no flipping back and forth required (www.barnesandnoble.com).

3 Responses to “Ajax: Your Visual Blueprint for Creating Rich Internet Applications”

  1. Landdm Says:

    I need file ebook of this book. Can you send it for me? Thank

  2. Kate Sherrill Says:

    I’m sorry, use of our ebooks is limited to students, faculty and staff of Ivy Tech Community College.

    Your local library may have access to this ebook, or they may be able to get you a print copy of the book.

  3. Landdm Says:

    Thank you very muck!

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