Photoshop CS2 Before and After Makeovers

Thursday, August 31, 2006

photoshop.jpgby Taz Tally and John Wiley and Sons

Series approach: Divided into specific projects that begin with a “before” situation and lead to an “after” result, these books features an open, airy design perfect for highlighting the images accompanying the text. Provides readers with a better understanding of the technology they are using and a sense of pride in what they accomplished.

General look and feel:

  • 4-color, image/graphic heavy interior presented in a two-column design

  • New design focuses on “before” beginning of a process and “after” results

  • Graphic intensive interior that uses figures to tell the story that the text supports

  • Presented in step-by-step format as if doing a makeover

  • At least one image attached to each set of steps that displays the before and after effect of the step

What the book covers: altering brightness, tweaking contrast, removing distracting elements, replacing the background, matching color across images, creating interest with lighting, adding motion to images, dealing with digital noise, fixing photo tears and scratches, performing your own plastic surgery, painting on an image, and much more. Includes both Windows and Mac coverage. (

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